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Plumbing Contractor

A licensed plumbing contractor has a job to install, repair, and maintain the pipes including all the fixtures of plumbing and several other plumbing systems not just for the residential buildings but also for the commercial and industrial buildings. The construction plumbing job practically includes all the plumbing systems used to carry both water and gas in buildings. If you are searching for a plumbing contractor near me, always look for professionals with complete knowledge of both water distribution and water disposal in residential and commercial buildings.


The contractor for plumbing services which you are hiring should also know proper regulation policies and procedures necessary to install and maintain plumbing. A professional plumber who can work cooperatively and have problem-solving skills can be convenient for you to get the job done without worrying about the cost and time.

Scope of a licensed plumbing contractor

  • A professional plumbing service provider’s primary scope includes reading the blueprints along with the drawing and specification, which is extremely important for determining the layouts and problems in the plumbing system. The skill of reading blueprints can help to estimate the structure of venting and drainage system inside the buildings before the start of a project.
  • The process of planning and installation is also included in the scope of the residential plumbing contractor. He will be responsible for providing services related to plumbing systems with the help of professional equipment. He will also be accountable for delivering piping systems that can be used later on to transport water and Sewage.
  • Measuring and cutting off pipes for installation and repairing are also considered as the plumbing service provider’s job.
  • He should know how to test pipes with water pressure, especially for checking the leakage in the pipes.
  • The safety standards are the top priority and should be included in the plumber’s job.

The work condition and safety issues of plumbing work

There is a possibility that a plumber might need to spend long hours in awkward positions or maybe in confined places which can be extremely discomforting. He may also be lifting some heavy objects with a sharp shape or maybe hot in terms of supplies or equipment. Plumbers can also get affected by potential poisons or gases that can cause some serious injury or illness.

Some of the significant and critical substances that a plumber might expose to include solvents and toxic substances, such as adhesives and sulfur dioxide. Most of the time, a plumber is exposed to dust and debris’ which are generally associated with construction sites and powerful tools, which ultimately results in discomfort and strain on the body of a plumber. They also have to work odd hours to fulfill their job, especially in case of emergency related to plumbing repairs.

Difference between plumbing contractors and plumbers

The construction plumbing job requires a professional plumbing service provider. The contractors of plumbing jobs generally work around the bigger picture. It includes commercial plumbing contractors and residential plumbing contractors responsible for new construction and remodeling of the plumbing tasks. Most of the time it consists of the main water line, Sewage pipes, and many more.

However, a plumber is generally associated with a single person responsible for providing services related to plumbing. It is essential to have proper knowledge of plumbing either a plumber is working on a larger scale or delivering the services independently. They should have adequate knowledge about their job and the safety measures, which are the topmost priority in plumbing jobs.

Duties of a professional plumbing contractor

  • During the installation and maintenance of the plumbing systems, it is the plumber’s responsibility to review all the necessary specifications and plans of the building along with several other essential components to determine the layout not just for plumbing but also for the related materials which can be connected.
  • A plumber will be responsible for identifying the equipment necessary to fix and fulfill the plumbing problem.
  • Whenever there is any need to install or repair a pipe, he will be able to determine the type and the overall size of the pipe which is required. It will also include equipment such as hangers and installation support for pipes and other equipment needed to get the job done.
  • When your commercial plumbing contractor needs to cut or install a pipe within a plumbing fixture, he might have to mark the accuracy positions. So, installing values for proper fitting is also included in the responsibility of a plumbing contractor.
  • Some of a plumber’s other duties include maintaining and repairing water heaters, complete water piping systems, and several other plumbing problems in the bathroom and toilets.
  • Before leaving the job, the plumber will also be responsible for checking further leakage or fixtures for assuring complete plumbing services and customer satisfaction.

Professional plumbing services

The professional construction plumbing services include piping which is the requirement of every building. The installation and repairing of complete piping services is the topmost priority for both professional and residential buildings. It covers all the necessary and professional piping services that include the distribution of water and the pipes responsible for carrying gas and drainage to another single pipe within the property.

It is not possible to use a toilet without a good line of water and Sewage. So, the professional plumbing services also include services regarding water and Sewage lines.

A shut-off valve generally accompanies all the toilets and showers within the property. So, the professional plumber should also provide shut off valve’s services.

Final verdict:

Suppose you are looking for professional plumbing services. In that case, first of all, it is essential to understand the difference between a plumber and a contractor responsible for providing the plumbing services. Some of the essential responsibilities and duties necessary for a professional plumbing service provider are listed in this article. A licensed plumbing service provider will save both time and cost. It is essential to discuss the time frame and the overall cost before the start of the project.

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