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Bought a new house and need your toilets installed by professionals? Want to renovate your lovely home but you can’t seem to find experts who will repair your toilet plumber?

Typed in toilet installation near me or toilet repair near me on your web browser after being fed up with unsuccessful DIY videos to install or repair your toilet?

We know how difficult it is to find legit company workers who will install and repair your toilets professionally and at fantastic prices, this is where we come into the picture.

We are a competent team of professionals which includes toilet plumber, installation experts and workers who have years of experience to install and repair your toilets without damaging them and into any space that you desire.


Ever tried installing your toilet in your newly bought home but all efforts were futile? While we know there are a lot of DIY (Do it yourself) websites available on the internet that will not only be time-consuming but will also not get the job professionally and it will likely end up with you calling the professionals to help you out. So, to avoid wasting your precious time and money, you need to give our toilet plumber a chance.

The process of toilet installation, including how long does it take to install toilets, has been explained thoroughly in this article.

1.Evaluating the toilet space and making a list of instruments and products needed for the complete installation of the toilet:

Our finest workers with years of experience enter your home to evaluate the toilet space and the toilet you have chosen to be installed, this gives them an idea on how to accurately install the toilet with no damages and neat finish. This also saves a lot of time that would have been wasted had they gone in blindly with no planning, as is the case in many DIY projects.

2 .Prepping the floor and blocking the soil pipe:

We then proceed to block the soil pipe which connects to the sewer where the waste is executed, this also prevents anything from falling in. The hole in the floor is examined to check if it is enough for the toilet, and necessary adjustments are made for the perfect fitting.

3.Installation of the soil pipe and the closet flange

4.Soldering of the stop valve

5.Insertion of the toilet wax ring and setting of the toilet bowl

6.Installation of the tank

7.installing the supply line and seat assembly

8.Last touches

If the steps of toilet installation don’t sell you on getting professional toilet plumbers then maybe knowing how long it takes for a toilet plumber to install a toilet compared to an unexperienced person may just lead you to contact us.

So, how long does it take to install toilet?

For a professional individual, it takes about two to four hours but for people using a DIY guide, it may take up to a full day, that’s 24 whole hours!


This involves an impressive skill, possessed by our workers, that is the accurate diagnosis of the problem.

Often when we face a problem regarding our toilets, we do not know what need repairing as in which part is faulty. Hence, we cannot diagnose the problem, sometimes there’s a problem in the flush button so could mean either of the three things, the water tank has insufficient amount of water which could be due to a blockage, or there could be a clog in the drain.

The most important factor is repairing toilets is correct diagnosis of the issue that has seemed to disturb your entire family.

Our team is equipped with immense amount of knowledge that is required for the diagnosis and solution, they have also a key factor and that is years of experience which gives them an upper hand as they can identify the problem in minutes and fix it so well that it won’t be troubling you for a long time.


  • We have a leading range of tools and products that are essential for the proper repair or installation of the toilets.
  • We save your precious time and energy by preventing you from worsening the problem due to limited knowledge on repair and installation of toilets.
  • We save your expensive resources.
  • We have a team of professionals with years of experience so we are confident you will get the results you are expecting.
  • We offer wallet-friendly prices and deals throughout our website.
  • The results provided by our team will be long lasting and extremely satisfying.
  • Easy accessibility and immediate contact with our company as we don’t want to prolong the disturbance caused in your house.
  • We promise to provide you with the best results with less costs.


Simply search any of these sentences, ‘Toilet installation near me’, ‘Toilet installers near me’, ‘Toilet repair near me’, this will lead you to our webpage which is super easy to navigate. Our webpage aims to give the clients a view at how transparent we are when it comes to the process we use to install or repair toilets.

We know how hard it is to try to fix the toilet whether that toilet installation or repair, considering the tool and products needed from different hardware stores and especially when you have no clue which brands are the best and which will be long lasting. We believe that you should leave it our professionals who have years of experience in this field and they make sure the clients are completely satisfied with the results. With proper examination and planning, toilet installation and repair are done by our finest workers.

The best part? Our costs! Your wallet will be thanking us and you will be pleased with the results.

We urge you to place your trust in us in this department because our top priority is customer satisfaction. YOU and your ease hold the utmost importance to us.