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How long will a whole house water filter last?

You might be looking for information regarding change whole house water filter and how long does a water filter last? Which plumbers are the best in the market for filter installation? Are you worried about your impure and smelly drinking water?  Do you want to get rid of contamination by installing filters? Are you worried about the maintenance of your filter? If so, then don’t worry and let us give you some information.

The planet Earth contains more than 70% of the water on its surface but only less than 1%  is available for human consumption. With the recent increase in pollution and population, the drinkable water quantity is decreasing abruptly along with its quality. Thus creating an invisible water crisis in the world, with much deeper and uncertain consequences ever imagined. Now states are fighting for water resources. Therefore, science and politics both are on the same table to utilize technology for water purification.

Water filtration is the process of removing impurities from water to make it viable for household use and drinking more specifically. The filtration process is done against microbial impurities, viral impurities, metallic, ionic, salts, other biological, physical, and chemical impurities. Mostly specific filters are being used against each type of contamination but nowadays multifunctional filters are also introduced into the market. But maintenance of general filters is necessary. Every filter is different and so is the installation technique. Installation requires plumbing experts. Professional plumbing services are rarely available in an affordable range.

Whole house system: a combination of three filters

Three filters combination is commonly used nowadays. If you want to change the whole house water filter, then hire professionals to do it perfectly by installing the best and viable filters. The three filter combination includes pre-Filter, carbon filter, and post filter. The first one removes sand, silt, and sediments. The second filter removes microscopic contaminants, dirt, and biological impurities out of the water. While the third filter removes the tiniest particles and components of organic matter.

Now you might know how can you change the whole house water filter. But how to take care of it is also a necessary point to understand. It is important to maintain your filter. Because maintenance of a filter enhances its life-span and the longer the filter works, the longer would you be benefited monetarily and health-wise. Take all the steps recommended by the experts and call us to repair and maintain your filter periodically. Filter maintenance is one of the best services that our team of experts offers.

Ramifications of not replacing a filter:

Do you want to know about the consequences of not replacing a water filter even after a long period? Then let us clear it for you. If you are using your filter for the purification of water for a long time, then you might know that filters deal with sediments, solid particles, minerals, salts, chemicals, fungus, algae, protozoans, etc. With time, filters usually get clogged, if not maintained properly,  their condition gets worsen. Ultimately, becoming unable to clear the water from impurities.

If you won’t change the whole house water filter then the following things can happen:

  • Solid particles, sand, stones, hairs, stems, leaves of plants, and much more can be present in your water.
  • Your filter will generate chemicals and salts that would react to convert your water to increase its hardness.
  • In old filters, protozoans start growing
  • Fungus, molds, and algal bloom would rise
  • Bacteria, viruses, and microbial infections could increase.
  • The water will be contaminated with biological pathogens.
  • Water-borne diseases could rise.
  • Water will remain no longer purified and good for consumption.

The whole house water filter replacement is therefore an important procedure that requires a lot of care and expertise. Thus, derk plumbing company is here to solve your problems. We are not only changing the whole house water filter but also installation, plumbing or repair services, and much more.

The life span of a water filter:

How long does a water filter lasts depends upon various factors? A few of the most important  are as follows:

  • Periodic maintenance of our filter
  • Flow water
  • Nature of water being filtered either it is muddy, dirty, or tap water.
  • Amount of heavy metals, salts, hardness, minerals, and chemicals in your water.
  • The size and capacity of your filter
  • Cleanliness and repairing of your filter
  • The installation also matters.
  • Manufacturing companies and quality of the filter

You feel safe and secure when installing your new filter. But keep in mind that changing the whole house water filter after a specific period is necessary for your safety if you haven’t maintained it properly. Filters when continuously removes sand, dirt, and microbial impurities, start forming a film on themselves. The continuous amalgamation of this film creates super bugs in itself and increases the hardness of the water. After 12 months or half years the membranes of filters should be changed otherwise it works in reverse recycle that; instead of filtration, now the filter becomes the source of impurities.

The fungus is another major issue, spore production could get stoped once the sporangium starts growing inside your filters, Bacterial growth becomes common in the carbon filter after one year, while the post-filter develops impurities after a year and a half. The pre-filter lasts only 6 to 7 months.

For longevity of filters, hire professionals for installation and be at ease. Now, you do not need to take any stress regarding the maintenance or repair of your filter. Because we are here to Change whole house water filter most affordably.

How to hire the best water filter plumbing companies?

There are so many companies out there but hiring the best is a difficult job. So, get yourself acquainted with the best filters with the skillful workers of the derk plumbing company. Now, get rid of rotten smells, impurities, and life-threatening water-borne diseases by installing new filters with guaranteed purifying quality.

Our team is always there to help you. Let us guide you and help you in achieving a standard life. We ensure the purity of the water you are drinking and install high-quality water filters at your home. We not only provide whole home water filters but with recent scientific innovations, we are planning to introduce nano-filters and trendy filters with guaranteed safety from biological, physical, and chemical contaminants.

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