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Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

One of the most popular appliances in our homes is garbage disposals. How to look for garbage disposal repairs if you face any issues with it? Garbage disposal installation is another important issue. Let’s discuss some ideas.

Garbage Disposal; Their Importance

Almost all of us need garbage disposals because they help us get rid of the waste produced as the result of preparing food. 

If there are no garbage disposals, our kitchens will become a mess where nobody would like to go. Yeah, they are a blessing!

Types of Garbage Disposal

They come in varieties like batch feed and continuous feed disposal. They are usually fitted under the sink, but not all can be installed there.

Continuous Feed disposals work when an accessory switch or a wall is flipped. The food and other waste are kept in a rubber shield, which helps the disposal run quietly. 

Batch Feed disposals work when the disposal is covered, and the lid is kept intact. However, they take extra time to operate but are safer for homes and other places where you need more safety.   

For small spaces, there are small disposals that can be easily accommodated and installed there. Garbage disposals can also be classified on the basis of the locations where they are installed. The categories are:

  • Residential

For residential purposes, we need small and secure garbage disposals. Though they are the vital need of a kitchen, they are not much used as in commercial or public places. 

  • Commercial

In commercial and public use, garbage disposals need to be more efficient and bigger in size compared to homes. The reason for it is the burden that commercial garbage disposals have to carry. 

You can’t always look to repair garbage disposals in commercial ones, so the commercial units are made stronger and long-lasting.  

In many businesses, if garbage disposals don’t work, their sinks would clog and fill up. Thus they are a good prevention of clogging. The main types of commercial waste disposals are heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty ones.

Light duty garbage disposals are used in office kitchens, delis, fast food restaurants, etc.  Medium duty is used by schools, medium-sized restaurants, and hospitals. Those places which have heavy-duty commercial garbage use the heavy models. These places include factories, hotels, and large restaurants, etc.  

Common Issues with Garbage Disposal

It doesn’t matter what the disposal unit’s burden size is; they get overwhelmed and thus fail to work. This is usually caused by materials like silverware, dishcloths, straws, etc. This needs a garbage disposal repair expert to sort out the issue and make it work. 

Before repairing garbage disposal, you need to know about the issues that may cause failure. Some of these are:

  • Not working due to Power Issues.

If the garbage disposal doesn’t start, then there may be some issue with the fuse box or circuit breakers. This problem can sometimes be solved by looking for the reset button in the disposal unit instead of looking for a it

Repairing garbage disposals is sometimes easy; at other times, it requires experts who can look into the issue that a DIY can’t understand.

  • Garbage Disposal is Jammed

Garbage disposals are sometimes jammed due to utensils, plastic material, leaves, fiber foods, bones, etc. This clogging can be solved but never do it by putting your hand in the garbage disposal unit. 

It can be done by opening it with the wrench under the motor. This is a safety measure for repairing garbage disposals. Professional help can be much better in this regard because a garbage disposal repair expert can save you from possible headaches. 

  • Its Drain is Clogged

A drain snake can be used if the disposal drain is clogged. Before you start to repair garbage disposals, please turn off the power supply to it. Disassemble the trap and then remove the clog using a drain snake. 

You can check it by running water through it to check if the problem is solved. You can also seek help from experts in this regard.

  • It’s making Excessive Noise.

Excessive noise may be the result of bones and other foreign objects which jam it. Another reason for it may be loose mounting screws, something broken in it, or worn lugs. 

This issue can be repaired by replacement of broken part or tightening the screws.

  • Has Leaking Issue: At a single or various places

A loose flange or rubber gasket can result in leakage issues. If the leakage comes from the body, then the unit needs to be replaced. The sooner this issue is addressed, the safer it would be.

  • Overheating

Sometimes when the garbage disposal is overfilled, it can result in overheating. This may result in not working properly or not being able to start. Sometimes it can be helped with clicking the red button on it, which helps reset it. If this reset button doesn’t work, then you need to look for it. Though garbage disposal repair may cost you some bucks, at least you are able to save your unit.   

Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

Sometimes there are issues in the garbage disposal unit which need repair. In case of replacement or repair, there are the following parts which can be replaced. 

  • Lids and Baffles
  • Seals and Gaskets
  • Flyweights
  • Tubing
  • Blades
  • Lugs
  • Flanges

There are some cautions to which we need to pay heed to avoid repair. These include never grinding fibrous foods in the disposal unit, glass, bones, eggshells, rubber, or metal. Before grinding waste, be careful that you never overfill it. 

Also, it would help if you were careful that you don’t ever use chemicals to unclog it. They don’t work, and you end up with the disposal unit filled with toxic chemical. 

Cold water is useful when cleaning the garbage disposal unit. So it can help avoid clogging and overheating issues. 

If you need to replace or install a garbage disposal unit, then better go for a professional because they can recommend a better model as well as installs it without any error. Garbage disposal installation is the job of an expert, so look for their services. The efficiency of an expert-installed unit is unquestionable. Garbage disposal installation by a professional can cost you a bit, but it will save you from further costs and damages. They can also help successfully replace any part that is not working.   

DIY or Professionals?

We recommend that you should hire a professional if you need to work on the installation or repair of your garbage disposal unit. It will not only save you from potential dangers but will also ensure the safety and better performance of the unit. 

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