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10 Most Common Plumbing Problems – Helping You with

Plumbing is the necessary part of our residence. If there are problems with it or Plumbing fail, we won’t be able to live a smooth life. So, it is better to keep the plumbing system in order. We are bringing you some common plumbing problems and their solutions.

Plumbing – An Introduction

Plumbing refers to all those lines which are used for supply or drainage. The supply system is usually that of water and gas while the drainage is from the kitchen, washrooms, etc. Plumbing holds a significant place in both residential and commercial properties because of its requirement in the continuation of life. If plumbing lines are not working there would be no easy running of kitchen work and washrooms. 

Along with the water and gas supply/drainage, plumbing also includes the heating lines, furnaces, etc. Plumbing is not only important for the sustenance of life. Rather it holds significance because of the dangers that the residents of a building might face due to faults in it. An example is the gas supply line, which if remains leaking will put the lives of inmates in danger. 

So, it is better to keep an eye on the plumbing system and keep it working well.  

Problems in Plumbing

There are a lot of problems that the house owners might face in the plumbing system. Each of these problems pertains either to the supply line or the appliances that are installed with the plumbing system. How to fix plumbing problems and look for suitable solutions? The answer to this question varies depending on the severity of the problem. This can be either done through DIY or by hiring a professional

Plumbing vocabulary is important to be learned by homeowners. It is because of the fact that it is easy to communicate with plumbers. Along with that if the problem is small then it can be solved by the users themselves. Plumbing vocabulary also helps in identifying the problems and looking for solutions. If someone is well acquainted with plumbing vocabulary, they can communicate the problem easily and will look for the solution

Some of the Most Common Plumbing Problems

We have worked on some of the most common plumbing problems for you. Here is a list of plumbing fail problems. 

• Dripping of Faucets

A dripping faucet is the most common plumbing fail that is faced by most users. This is problematic because of the loss of water. They cause irritation to the user and they are annoyed. There can be different reasons for it, check what is it and look for the proper solution. 

Look for an expert plumber to ensure that the problem is solved before it causes any serious issue. 

• Sink and its Slow Draining

If you feel that the sinking is not properly draining water, then check if it is blocked. It is the pain in the pipe plumbing that needs to be seriously considered. There are food remnants and fats that usually cause the blockage of the sink. In the case of bathrooms, the reason is soap and hair. 

There are different methods for clearing it. If the problem persists, then you should look for an expert plumber. 

• Clogging of Shower Drain

If the shower bath or drain faces the issue of clogging, then you should be looking for clearing the material that is blocking it. Plumbers snake or a plunger can help you with its cleaning. If this problem remains uncared, then it will worsen with time. 

Therefore, ensure that the problem is solved in time.

• Clogged Toilet

The reason for the clogged toilet is usually due to plastic, paper, or waste. In normal cases, a plunger can help with this issue. If this is not solved, then contacting a plumber would be better. 

• Running Toilet

Water is important and we need to save it. If you are facing the problem of running toilets, then this needs to be tended to. It will cost you in form of bills that will charge you for water. This is usually solved with the fixing of the faulty flapper valve. 

• Fault in Water Heater

Water heaters are the need which we feel when we are taking shower. If it doesn’t work and we take shower with cold water, we come to know the importance of it. This can be solved by contacting a plumber. 

• Lowering of Water Pressure

There are a number of reasons for low water pressure. This is usually due to problems with pipes. Mostly they get corroded or leak which causes loss of water. This is a problem that needs to be tended to immediately. 

• Garbage Disposal Jamming

Garbage needs to be disposed of immediately. If this accumulates with the passage of time, it will cause health issues. To keep the environment of your home hygienic you need to ensure that the garbage disposal works well. If you face this problem, you can contact a professional who will solve your problem easily. 

• Pipe Leaks

Pipe leaks are too important in plumbing problems to be ignored. To ensure that you save yourself from problems, you should look for a plumber to immediately solve this problem. 

• Back up for Sewer System

Alternatives for sewer systems usually cause problems. If you are facing the same issue, then it needn’t be ignored. Look for a plumber to solve this issue.